An Apology

Recently, we mailed out randomly-selected pages from our first book to several writers and creators that we admire (with addresses pulled from White Pages) as a way to generate conversation around our release.


In our own short-sightedness, we failed to recognize that these pages may be construed as frightening, threatening, or just plain crossing a line. That was never our intent-- we only thought this would be a way to cleverly market our material.


No matter what the reasoning may be, we understand that it is unacceptable, and we deeply apologize for anyone we made feel unsafe or that their privacy was threatened. That is the last thing we'd ever want.

We will be shutting down, as we've clearly demonstrated irresponsible practice right from the start. 

Again, our deepest and sincerest apologies to any distress or inconvenience we have caused to those who received letters.

Hockomock Press

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