Hauntings Ahead: January 2020

Happy New Year!

While we remain hard at work with rolling out our Fiction faction and our quest for World Contamination, we hope you'll pop by this month for some more musings from our gang:

  • There Goes Tokyo - Spooky's monthly column, published in conjunction with Hungry Ghost Press' Throwaway Press, will focus on Sion Sono's 2001 cult classic Suicide Club.

  • Paperbackhead - Slash will be reviewing Emperor of the Last Days by Ron Goulart, which as it turns out, is not the best science fiction had to offer in 1977.

  • Unholy Mass - Mouth Breather will be (willingly) traveling to Leicester, MA to take a peek around the infamous Spider Gates Cemetery. We'd say we hope he makes it back in one piece, if he wasn't already (presumed) dead.

  • The Screening Skull - Draculite's recommendation for a local midnight movie probably won't hit until February, but until then, he conveniently recommended They Live for the very tail end of this month.

That's all for everything we're willing to openly discuss right now. Some surprises may still be in store, so stay tuned.

Don't die with your mask off.

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